Theater in la Sierra

After the success obtained in the past editions, the International Festival of the Sierra continues with the development of this space called "Theater in the Sierra".

This year we will have the company Teatro de Papel that presents a work that continues in line with previous years, with the aim of making the audience laugh easily and easily, For this, a funny, crazy piece with a great deal of humor has been staged.

His name is "Don Ponciano's school" by Juan Antonio Lara.

The work consists of a single act lasting 70 minutes, divided into three pictures:Don Ponciano's class, The inspector's visit and Catechesis.

Set in the year 1960, it narrates the adventures of three naughty students in the class of a Francoist school. It is a work of white humor and based on the anecdotes and experiences of the author in his 30 years of teaching. Although in the background there is a criticism of the education of that time, it is done with fresh humor and in no way hurtful.

The approach is in the waterline of the spectators who lived that time, because not in vain is a costrumbrista picture, and will delight the youngest with their occurrences.

Don Ponciano, a traditional teacher who is not a traditionalist, tries to instill in the children the knowledge of the time collected in the famous Álvarez encyclopedia, as well as the values ​​of behavior with society.

The school director warns the teacher of the imminent visit of the Inspector, who, following tradition, revises the notebooks to observe the work that has been done with them and the level of knowledge acquired.

The catechism class, more relaxed than the others, puts an end to the school day in the morning. Don Aquilino, good-natured priest of the town and lover of good wine, (for the consecration) tries to inculcate the students religious values ​​and teach the Sacred History and the catechism to form them to receive the holy sacrament.


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