Festival Internacional de la Sierra
Theater in la Sierra

After a the big success of last editions, the International Festival de la Sierra goes on with the development of this space called “Theater in la Sierra”. This show consists of the develpment of a play about some aspects of the popular culture or about a famous person from our village or region.

Following in this line, this year is showed a different play from the last years: it has the only main of making the audience laugh in a simple way. And, for that, it will be on the stage a funny, crazy and an almost surrealistic play, with very much humour.

The play is called “The incredible Manuela la Pelapájaros' states”, by José Márquez Franco. It has been adapted for this occasion, placing it in our village, naming things about Fregenal or its famous people also in our region: Extremadura, like the gossip neighbours or the naughty altar boys. The comedy starts when the main characters of the play are in a difficult situation when the manager of an undertakers from Madrid comes to Fregenal with the ashes of the person with the same name than the play. This is the beginning of all the mess: when the ashes disappear, getting started and absurd but full-of-humuour and funny story, with innumerable absurdities.

Lastly, focusing in this edition, we still have the support of the theater group from Fregenal: Teatregenal, which is composed by people from different ages, all of them amateur actors and actresses, going to the stages many years little plays, being the directors and the dress and atrezzo managers themselves. All that is an extra motivation when preparing a play: it needs much more time and it is much more difficult, but they compensate it with their interest, illusion and passion for theatre.

Festival Internacional de la Sierra
Fregenal de la Sierra