The International Festival de la Sierra takes place yearly in Fregenal de la Sierra since 1980, specifically in the 2019 edition of 2th to 17th August, meeting artists all over the world about dance, music and other traditional features and getting to other cities in the South of Badajoz, Huelva North and Portugal in its West.

Dancers and musicians offer several performances to thousands of people who go to see each night shows of the festival.

However, added to flokloric groups from the five continents and from many places in Spain, FIS is a meeting point for hand-makers, sellers and turists.

Apart from the night shows in the main stage, there are also another different ones; for example, a Folk music style one, called Folk en la Sierra, a music folk festival joined by different groups of different places of Spain and abroad which connect perfectly with hundreds of young people who go to see the FIS shows. There is a representation of celtic music too, apart from the show Flamenco en la Sierra, where singers, players and dancers from different places meet. Furthermore, other kind of activities complete the program in each edition.

  • Exibition of traditionaljobs.
  • Popular gamesforchildren.
  • Regional markets visited by thousands of visitors.
  • Gastronomy.
  • Competitions and expositions.
  • Sale and exibition of hand made works.
  • Music Street shows.
  • Schools of music, dance, craftmanship...

The Folkloric Group Los Jateros is in touch with other festivals from Spain and abroad for future exchanges with other groups.

The International Festival de la Sierra is a great show of happiness, colour, respect, tolerance and solidarity, where people from different races, religions, ideas and countries live in a big festive environment, with Fregenal's streets and squares as a scene. These streets and squares have been declared of “Cultural interest”, using a part from its streets, five different stages. All that become the Festival in “Feast of Turistic Interest of Extremadura”.

We are looking forward you!


Centro Municipal Nertobriga, s/n (06340) Fregenal de la Sierra – Extremadura – España.

Telf.: +34 685 84 89 75 | E-MAIL: festisierra@festisierra.com | Web: www.festisierra.com